What Are The Things You Need To Know About Dentures?

If you have missing teeth, it can affect the way you smile, and the way your mouth looks. Most importantly, your diet can get affected from getting your teeth extracted. For this, it is recommended to get implants, and if a patient has some missing teeth in a row, dentures are recommended that are fit for both cosmetic purpose and health purposes. There are two categories of dentures, and their application depends on the number of teeth you are missing. Partial and full dentures are two basic categories.

You can find out what type of denture implantation you are going to have after getting consultation from an expert. After consultation, your dentist Glen Waverley will recommend you the type of denture you should for yourself. Experts will talk you out and get to the option that suits you the best and gives you the most comfort.

Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are perfect for people that are missing only few of their teeth in a row. The partial dentures are latched onto the remaining gum line and also the adjacent teeth that are intact. Even if there is only one tooth on a dental arch, partial denture still stands as a good option as the remaining of the tooth acts as a natural anchor.

Complete Dentures
When the dental arch has no longer any teeth present on it, it is best to go for a complete denture. Now, there are options available for you. You can either go for a conventional type that gets latched on to the gum line or you can have an option where dental implants latch the dentures. The option discussed later is the best option, but it involves the use of surgical process. However, you can check out all the options and our dentists will make sure that your decision is the final. If you are interested about dentures you can visit https://wheelershilldental.com/dentures.

Why Wheelers Hill Dental a Good Option?
Our team of highly qualified professionals in the field of dentistry come with a dedication to offer friendly and effective dental care for every client. Our dental services involve everything from cleaning, scaling, and denture implantation, cosmetic process and teeth whitening. We integrate technologies and conventional techniques together to take the best possible solutions for our patients.

Our affordable dentist at the dental clinic will be making sure that every effort is applied to preserve your natural teeth. However, if the case becomes necessary, he would do a denture implantation procedure keeping in mind your best interests and needs.

Other procedures like filling, crown bridging and veneers are also available for all our patients and we will make sure proper consultation is done.